How do Lobsters grow? (Psychological Insight)

When you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, perhaps it's a sign that you are growing and need to reevaluate your life - shed some old beliefs, values or habits. 

This transformation may cause a great deal of stress. You may feel vulnerable for a while and in need of hiding from the world. 

However, if you persevere despite the pain  and use the stress well, you may emerge anew: perhaps a little wiser, more compassionate and joyful.

How Does Change Happen in Therapy?

Is it enough to gain intellectual understanding of our past in order to alter maladaptive emotional responses and behavioural patterns? Intellectual insight is very valuable – it offers us the language to talk about and make sense of our story. However, there is another type of knowing that needs to be mastered – emotional knowing. It involves re-experiencing the pain of the past and re-living the events that wounded us deeply. In this short video, the difference between the intellectual and emotional insight is presented in a clear and accessible way. Enjoy!

This video is from ‘The School of Life’ and you can link directly to the video running on Youtube.